News: Sony Steps into the Fitness Game with the Smartband SWR10

Sony Steps into the Fitness Game with the Smartband SWR10

We recently showed you the Misfit Shine, a no-charge, app-oriented fitness tracker that you can grab for a hundred bucks. Sony has also decided to get in on the action with their Smartband SWR10—but this thing is so much more than a fitness tracker...the Smartband wants to "log your day, every day".

The Smartband not only tracks your fitness, but it also tracks life. It alerts you when your phone's alarm goes off, as well as when you receive texts and phone calls. Smartband can be used as a media control, and also tracks your social, physical, and entertainment activities through the Lifelog Android app.

This waterproof tracker comes in many colors and will cost you $99.99.

Smartband is lightweight, feels like any other bracelet or band, and comes with a removable core, so switching the color to match your outfit should please the fashionista in you.

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