News: This Guy Built an Impressive Smart Mirror Controlled by Gestures & Voice

This Guy Built an Impressive Smart Mirror Controlled by Gestures & Voice

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the smartest of them all?

Since Max Braun's Medium post went viral back in January of 2016, smart mirrors have been appearing on tech blogs in all shapes and sizes. Some are technically sound, some incredibly easy, but all are visually compelling. However, we've never seen one with a fully functional operating system and gesture support—until now.

Joey Cumeras Khan, a Spanish software developer, posted the process of making his Interactive Smart Mirror and MirrorOS on Imgur back in November, and it got some serious attention.

Tricked out with the basics of clock and weather icons, just like all of the other passive smart mirrors out there, here are some of the other original features that come with Cumeras Khan's machine:

  • Voice recognition with clap control
  • Gesture control
  • 24-inch 1080p screen
  • MirrorOS with app support (news, search, radio, YouTube, gaming)
  • Smartphone control
Playing a simple pong game using gesture control. Image by Joey Cumeras Khan/YouTube

As if you needed another reason to spend too much time standing in front of your mirror in the morning.

While the voice control and gesture support of MirrorOS are extremely cool, let's not look past just how powerful this machine really is, especially considering he only spent about 400€ (~$441 USD). Here's what can be found as part of the hardware:

In a world obsessed with the information found on screens, a smart mirror is a great way to absorb information quickly while accomplishing other daily tasks, such as getting ready in the morning. Also, it's just really, really cool looking. All that's missing is FaceTime.

Image by Joey Cumeras Khan/imgur

While Cumeras Khan's operating system isn't ready for publication quite yet, he's working on building software that is developer-focused so apps can be easily created. For the entire step-by-step process of how this impressive piece of technology came to be, check out the original Imgur post.

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