News: This Smart Paper Notepad Saves Everything You Write on It

This Smart Paper Notepad Saves Everything You Write on It

Pretty much every note you save on your computer, phone, or tablet can be uploaded to your cloud and viewed on any of your devices. But what about those notes you write down on actual paper? Well, those notes can also be cloud-friendly, thanks to the Rocketbook Wave.

The Rocketbook Wave is a reusable pen and paper notebook that comes with a complimentary mobile app (for Android or iOS) which, with their patent-pending image capture technology, lets you save and send your notes into the cloud in high resolution easier than ever thought possible.

At the bottom of each page in the notebook, their are seven icons that help you assign where your notes go when scanned to the cloud. Whether you need it to go to Dropbox, Evernote, Google Docs, OneNote, iCloud, or your email address (Slack and Box are coming soon)—just mark the assigned symbol, and the Rocketbook app will send it to the correct destination.

The Rocketbook Wave does require that you use an erasable Pilot FriXion pen to write notes or draw sketches; These pens use thermochromic ink, which becomes invisible when heat it applied. So if you want to wipe your entire notebook clean, you just need to nuke it. Yep, that's right—it's microwave-safe.

The notebook comes in two different sizes, standard and executive, with 80 pages each. While you can technically reuse the pages within indefinitely, there will be some ghost images that appear over time since the ink does not completely evaporate. When you scan images using the app, it will omit these ghost images, but for best performance, it's recommended that each page will last between 5-10 times, depending on your usage.

Forgot your notebook? No problem! Your purchase comes with a PDF of these pages, so you can jot down notes or drawings even if you left your notebook at home.

If you're a doodler, inventor, or just prefer pen and paper over digital note-taking, and want to save all your stuff to the cloud, then Rocketbook Wave is for you. Its Kickstarter campaign was already funded with 10,992 backers, raising $574,699 out of a $20,000 goal. But you can order one book via Indiegogo for $27, or two for $50. You can also snag a book from Amazon or Rocketbook's website.

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This is brilliant! I prefer taking notes by hand on paper than digitally on a computer or smartphone.

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