News: This Smart Turntable Is Perfect for 360-Degree Photos

This Smart Turntable Is Perfect for 360-Degree Photos

When it comes to photographing products, models, and other small objects, a good light box makes the process super easy, no matter what your skill level is. However, if you want to create decent 360-degree images, things get tricky really fast. A new product, the Foldio360, may provide some much needed relief though.

The Foldio360 is essentially a smart turntable equipped with technology that enables a user to craft premium 360-degree imagery without having to shell out a ton of cash to rent or purchase special cameras and equipment. All that's needed to get things rolling is your light box, the Foldio360, and the accompanying mobile app.

Crafted by OrangeMonkie, the Foldio360 is another step in the company's mission of making it easier for regular consumers to produce pro-level photos. Previously, they released the Foldio and Foldio2, fully collapsible light boxes that were easy to set up. They were also equipped with a special LED lighting strip, with brightness and contrast that could be controlled with an app.

With the Foldio360's app, you can capture your 360-image as well as control the spinning motion of the turntable via a Bluetooth connection. You can also connect a DSLR to the app, which is controlled via an infrared sensor. One can take full, seamless images with no problems, and combine them into one hell of a 360º image, which is uploaded to their site and can be share with anyone.

There's even a built-in light in the Foldio360 that makes it extremely easy to isolate your subject from the background.

It's evident that the Foldio360 is in high demand, having just fully completed its Kickstarter campaign. You can sign up for their preorder newsletter here. To back the project, pledges of $89 included the Foldio360, the online platform, and the app priced at $89; pledges of $149 included all the above as well as their Foldio Studio light box.

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