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I packed many important documents into zip archive yesterday moon. Today I've remembered that I have to add something else. I opened my .zip and I saw a message: The Compressed Folder is invalid… I don't know how to fix damaged zip files or where to search any help. Pats, any suggestions...

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Given below is a step by step method to repair ZIP files using inbuilt utility available in a WinRAR application:
As an additional helpful resources might be following...
• Start WinRAR application.
• Go to file menu and click open.
• Through the find archive window, select the corrupted ZIP file available in your local machine.
• Click to open.
• Initialize repair by pressing ALT + R. A message saying, will appear.

• Once the repair is done, it will ask you to save the repaired ZIP file. Browse a specific location for saving the selected file.

• Enable Treat the corrupt archive as ZIP box and click OK and click close.

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