Forum Thread: One-Wheel Motorcycle - Amazing Futuristic Invention

This cool motorcycle invention may seem like science fiction, but it's actually science fact. It's called the RYNO Microcycle, not motorcycle. Invented by Portland-based engineer Chris Hoffmann, this amazing one-wheeled Microcycle has become a reality.

Here is one of the first pictures of what he imagined the motorcycle would look like. He began by ordering a bunch of parts off of the internet and soon had built the first prototype. The problem was it didn't work. Chris said he could hardly go in a straight line and there was no way to insure that the Microcycle wouldn't begin randomly spinning.

He went back to the shop and built yet another machine, but this time with steering. It was so easy to control that he could do figure eights on it with ease. He posted a few videos of the RYNO online and it created tidal waves across the internet. People loved it so much that they were willing to spend up to $25,000 just to own one. And now Chris is to begin shipping the first production version of the RYNO. For a little over $5200 you can own one too.

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