News: BloomSky Is Your Personal Backyard Weather Reporter

BloomSky Is Your Personal Backyard Weather Reporter

If you live in a small town, weather apps can be unreliable. Before moving to Los Angeles, I always had to add or subtract five degrees or so from what my weather app said because I couldn't trust it. With the help of BloomSky, you will be able to get an accurate weather reading directly from your backyard.

BloomSky works through hardware that you set up outside your home. This device will accurately tell you the weather, and even show you what the outdoors looks like through its 170 degree Smart HD camera. It can even sense if it's sunny, windy, or cloudy, and can tell you when rainfall begins and ends.

Like most devices these days, BloomSky works through an app. Be sure to tell your neighbors as well. They will be able to access your readings if they download the app themselves. Also, the more neighbors with BloomSky, the more accurate the reading! Just imagine handing these out as Christmas gifts—not only would you look super nice, but it would actually end up benefiting you.

Bloomsky is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter for $99 until July 28th, after which it will be available in August for $169.

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