News: Attack of the iPhone 6 Clones, Xbox One Gets More Social, & More Tech News You Need to Know

Attack of the iPhone 6 Clones, Xbox One Gets More Social, & More Tech News You Need to Know

Better sleep, smartphone news, and changes to your favorite forms of entertainment. There's been a lot going on over the last couple of weeks in the world of tech, and we thought we'd show you all of the need-to-know products, updates, and ideas that we think are most important.

#1. Sense Revolutionizes Sleep

The biggest project to hit Kickstarter recently is Sense, a device that tracks your sleep. Sense helps you figure out why you can't sleep by detecting noise, light, temperature, humidity, and even tiny particles in the air that might be bothering you.

The device can tell you the quality of your nocturnal activities through a sleep score, and even wake you up at the perfect point of your sleep cycle so you don't wake up groggy.

This little white and green orb gained a lot of buzz, reaching a million dollars in just four days (with only a $100,000 goal). You can pre-order Sense on the Hello, Inc. website for $129.

#2. Nanoleaf Bloom Lights Up Your Home

For those who love dimmer lights but don't care for the actual dimmer switch itself, there's the Nanoleaf Bloom. The makers are calling this the most energy efficient lightbulb on the market, lasting up to 30 years. The dimming effect works by turning the switch on, finding your desired brightness, then turning back off and on again.

You can pre-order bulbs on the Kickstarter page (until 9/12) starting at $40 for one.

#3. New Xbox One Update Drops

Xbox recently told us all about the new updates coming to Xbox One. It seems as if the console is getting more community-oriented, and I'm all for it. In an age where social media is king, it makes sense to incorporate it with your gaming system.

Perusing the video's comments, you'll see that a lot of fans are worried that Xbox is shifting to more of a TV console than a gaming platform. But at the end of the day, it's about how how you use it. TV and gaming consoles are meshing—just look at the Amazon Fire TV or the upcoming Android TV—so it's no wonder Microsoft wants to keep up. Innovation is the key to staying relevant, no matter how much people hate change.

#4. iPhone Clones Debut Ahead of the Actual Unveiling

From the same guy that showed us what the iPad Air 2 would look like before the unveiling, comes the iPhone 6! This iPhone 6 clone seems to be fully functional as well, which helps us get a better look of what to expect. The world has already heard of the awesome sapphire display, but we can finally look at everything else—well, at least a mock up of it.

All in all, this likely isn't exactly what the actual iPhone 6 will look like, but based on all the various leaks, it seems as if Apple is getting more function with the actual phone itself, and the look seems to be sleek and modern. I for one can't wait to see how close this clone is to the actual product coming out of Cupertino—we'll find out on September 9th.

#5. Alpha Brings Style to the Galaxy Lineup

The iPhone isn't the only device getting a makeover. The new Samsung Galaxy Alpha is the sleeker version of the somewhat painly-designed Galaxy S5.

Samsung wants the Alpha to appeal to the artists and fashionistas of the world, crafting a device that really is beautiful in its aesthetics. The device is set for a September 12th release, but pricing is unknown at the moment.

#6. Would You Pay to Watch Your Favorite YouTubers on Vimeo?!

A lot of news has been surrounding YouTubers crossing different platforms. With the release of Epic Meal Time's latest show, Epic Meal Empire, and the recent news that ItsGrace star Grace Helbig will be getting her own show on the E! Network, it's no surprise that another video streaming website like Vimeo would also get into the mix.

YouTube stars Joey Graceffa, Taryn Southern, and ComicGirl19 will all be hosting premium content on Vimeo. Joey and Taryn are reported to upload videos to the site for $6.99, while ComicGirl19 will post several 30-minute comic reviews at $2.99 per episode. All this begs the question; would you pay to watch your favorite YouTubers?

YouTube already has premium content, but it doesn't do nearly as well as their free content. But the times are a-changin'—Google is about to unveil a paid, YouTube-based music-streaming service—so maybe it was only a matter of time before the monetization model changed, and for now, it looks like Vimeo is ready to get in on the fun.

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