News: Adobe Makes First Physical Products: The Adobe Ink & Slide for iPad

Adobe Makes First Physical Products: The Adobe Ink & Slide for iPad

If you thought the price of Photoshop was outrageous, you'll be thrilled to know that Adobe has found yet another way to grab your hard-earned dollars—but this time, it isn't software. Ready to take your drawings to the next level, the company has created the Adobe Ink and Slide. Together, these products will make drawing on an iPad a whole lot easier.

The Adobe Ink is a stylist with a sleek design that's used to make drawing much smoother. The Adobe Slide, on the other hand, is used to make straight lines and align objects to make drawing easier. You can get a pretty good idea of how it works in SlashGear's review video above, and in The Awesome's walkthrough below.

These stylist tools will cost you $199.99 and can be bought through Adonit's online store, which is currently only available in the states. The Slide and Ink can be used with Adobe's Line and Sketch apps—tools made specifically for Apple products that seemingly make drawing feel more fluid and natural.

For more information, as well as some tutorial videos, check out Adobe's Getting Started with Ink and Slide page.

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