New Tech We Like: Hotel Robots, Texter-Shaming Theaters, "Smart" Stickers, & More

Hotel Robots, Texter-Shaming Theaters, "Smart" Stickers, & More

Last week's tech roundup featured iPhone 6 clones, an all-in-one sleep tracker, Xbox One updates, and other cool gadgets. This week, there's a lot more to show off, and a bunch of stuff that I need to get my hands on! Everything from app updates to putting stickers on your favorite items, I can't help but squeal at how much the "future" is right now.

#1. SaviOne: A Robot Butler for Your Hotel Room

There is no doubt that robots are taking over the world. I mean, have you seen Terminator? That was a documentary...right? But in all seriousness, robots are increasingly taking our jobs.

SaviOne is your handy dandy robot butler for hotels...a "botler" if you will. The good humans at Savioke created this robot to help out with guest services at the Aloft Cupertino in northern California.

With increased expansion, don't be surprised there's a robot delivering towels and mini shampoo bottles next time you call down to the front desk.

#2. Vine Now Lets You Edit Uploaded Videos

Since Instagram put the ability to film a video on their app, Vine has needed to step their game up. After over a year, they've finally come through, 6 seconds at a time. There has been some pretty cool updates, like being able to take video from your camera and edit it right in Vine.

#3. Programmable Stickers to Organize Your Life

Imagine having the ability to make an app for something that is important to you. Whether it be a reminder to water your plants or walk your dog, you have the power to track and remember things through your smartphone. With Estimote, keeping up with daily tasks is as easy as applying a sticker.

With all the promises that technology will better our lives, these little stickers seem to live up to the challenge. You can preorder 10 Estimote stickers for $99 on their website.

#4. HTC M8 Gets the Windows Phone Treatment

For those of you who enjoy the look of HTC phones but enjoy Windows-powered mobile devices, you're in luck, as the HTC One M8 is now at your service. Coming in at half the original retail price of its Android counterpart, the Windows Phone version is available for all major U.S. carriers.

#5. Your Texts on the Movie Screen

There is nothing more annoying than people talking or texting during a movie. So it was quite a surprise to see that theaters in China are actually promoting (or shaming) it by showing on-screen texts throughout a movie.

These Bullet Screens, as they are known, have been getting mixed reviews. Some say it enhances the movie going experience, while others say it distracts from it.

These experiments are aimed for those who can't live without looking at their phone screens. The majority of people in China already watch movies on their phone, and this is the theater's way of simulating that experience.

Personally, this is a good thing. Not because I want my texts mirrored to the big screen. Rather, I just want all those people who are far too dependent on their mobile device to enjoy a freaking movie packed into one theater, so I may enjoy my text-free movie in another. People who text during movies can finally "enjoy" the film their way, and I can finally enjoy mine in peace.

So what what was your favorite tech item in the roundup? Did we miss any gems? Let us know in the comments below, on our Twitter, or leave a message on Facebook!

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