News: The World's First LED Buddha Board Delivers Evaporative 'Water Light Graffiti'

The World's First LED Buddha Board Delivers Evaporative 'Water Light Graffiti'

From dynamite to lasers to LEDs, you can make graffiti with a lot of different things. Parisian artist Antonin Fourneau has added water to that list. He created this incredible LED wall that lights up wherever it's touched by water to create what he's dubbed "Water Light Graffiti," which can be simply described as being an LED Buddha Board.

The LEDs are embedded in a moisture-sensitive wall surrounded by copper tape, which acts as a conductor when the water hits it.

This means that anything can be turned into a paintbrush by simply adding water.

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The exhibit was set up in Poitiers, France, and passersby could stop by and create their own graffiti. Some kids even used squirt guns to make it even more fun .

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And once the water evaporates, the light fades and leaves a blank canvas for someone else, just like those Buddha Board canvases, only with LEDs.

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Check out the video (in French) to see details on how it was made.

And make sure to check out the project page on digitalarti for more details. You can also see more pics here and here on Facebook.

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This is beautiful. And surprisingly, it doesn't look all that difficult to make a small version at home.

nice, cheap, not destructive, doesn't ruin environment, and a good alternative to the real graffiti

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