News: Myo Lets You Control All Your Gadgets Like a Jedi

Myo Lets You Control All Your Gadgets Like a Jedi

Well folks, the dream is coming to life. While we still may be a ways away from mind control, the team over at Thalmic Labs has created the Myo, and with it, the power of the Force comes to motion control, so long as you use it wisely.

Myo is a gesture-control arm band that can be worn below the elbow on either arm for near-complete control of your electronics, using various forms of movement-based gesture recognition.

No choking capabilities...yet. Image by 20th Century Fox/Lucas Films

The armband works by detecting the electrical activity produced by your muscles. It connects to other devices using Bluetooth Low Energy and can be used in a variety of ways; such as turning up the volume with a knob gesture or swiping through webpages by waving your hand up and down.

The device's potential is vast. It can be used to control all sorts of gadgets, from gaming systems to industrial machinery.

Being one with the Force will only cost you $149, and the Myo is currently available for pre-order for both the Developer Kit (shipping July 2014) and the final consumer model (shipping September 2014).

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