News: Let Your Microwave Count Your Calories for You

Let Your Microwave Count Your Calories for You

They say that ignorance is bliss, and that is exactly how I feel about counting calories. They simply don't exist if I don't check them, right? For those of you who are much healthier than I am, General Electric wants to count them for you, via your microwave!

GE is working on a microwave that measures fat and water content to figure out how many calories are in the food you're nuking. Although they are still in the experimental phase, they say this microwave technology is very promising.

If you are not willing to wait, there is another device available for pre-order that helps you count calories with a laser.

Scio uses light-sensing technology to figure out the chemical makeup of your food to figure out how many calories are in it. The calories show up on your phone through an app within seconds.

Although the app is currently not available, Scio is available for pre-order for $249 to $999, depending on which kit you'd prefer. The device will start shipping in December 2014, you know... the time of year when people really care about their diet.

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