News: Jibo Is the Cutest (Or Possibly Creepiest) Personal Assistant

Jibo Is the Cutest (Or Possibly Creepiest) Personal Assistant

In 1999, Robin Williams starred in Bicentennial Man, a movie in which Williams played a robot named Andrew Martin, taking care of a family as a their nanny and personal assistant. For almost 15 years, I have waited for my Andrew Martin, but until now, I have been disappointed. Luckily, Jibo is on the job!

Jibo wears many hats. He is an assistant who keeps your schedule in order, a messenger who tells you when someone has tried to reach you, a photographer so no one has to miss out on being in a picture, an avatar for video chatting, a storyteller for children, and an overall companion.

Jibo is currently on IndieGogo, and has already surpassed its goal. The pre-order for one Jibo for $99 (already sold out), but there are higher pre-orders that include Jibo in the bundle.

Personally, I find him quite charming, though I could understand why people would find a communicative robot creepy. Either way—spoiler alert—I doubt he'll end up marrying your daughter like in Bicentennial Man.

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