News: GoTenna Will Let You Text Even When Service Is Down

GoTenna Will Let You Text Even When Service Is Down

You're hiking up a beautiful mountain when all of a sudden you remember it's your mother's birthday. You begin to panic—you forgot her birthday last year, and you know if you don't say something soon, you're as good as dead.

But there's a problem—amongst a beautiful landscape of trees, you have no cell service. Luckily, with GoTenna, no service is no problem!

GoTenna is a device that makes it possible for you to text or send your location through their app when service is down. You will be able to send a text in an emergency (like mom's birthday), or just notify others of your location when in a crowded area.

GoTenna is currently on pre-order for $149, and will sell for $299 when they go to market. Shipping for the device starts in late fall, which is when you "no signal" excuses fly out the window.

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