Google's Next Smart Device: Contact Lenses That Monitor Glucose, Detects Cancer, & More

Contact Lenses That Monitor Glucose, Detects Cancer, & More

Warning: Google wants to take control of your sight. While this statement isn't (or is) true, it doesn't change the fact that Google is partnering up with Novartis to create contact lenses.

Okay, so it's definitely not because Google wants to control us (yet), but they do want to further the technology of contact lenses by having them measure glucose levels and to help your eyes auto-focus on objects.

The Alcon lens has a device in it that is no smaller than a piece of glitter, with the ability to test the levels of your glucose, which is awesome news for anyone out there who has to prick their fingers on a normal basis.

The contact lens can also test the lacryglobin in your tears, which is a biomarker for breast, colon, lung, prostate, and ovarian cancers. So, I guess Google is now in the business of helping detect cancer—what can they not do?!

Google and Novartis are still in the beginning stages of this process, but it will be interesting to hear of the advances they make with this product along the way.

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