How To: Kill Twitter's New "Weekly Digest" Email

Kill Twitter's New "Weekly Digest" Email

You may have noticed an unusual email from Twitter over the last couple of days that showed recent stories and tweets from those you follow. This is a new initiative from Twitter that gives you "the best of Twitter in your inbox". It's basically just a weekly summary of the most recent and relevant stories and tweets from your connections.

But is it "the best" of Twitter?

I can't say that I was all too happy with my weekly digest, which seems to be thanks to Summify, a recently acquired social news filtering company. Some of the stories were okay, but I just don't care to see tweets in my email, no matter how interesting. If you feel the same, it's easy to nip this in the bud. Who needs another weekly email anyways?

How to Kill the Weekly Digest

The easiest way is to just scroll down the full email you received and click on the "unsubscribe to these emails" link.

How to Kill Twitter's New "Weekly Digest" Email

Twitter will automatically stops sending them to you.

How to Kill Twitter's New "Weekly Digest" Email

Alternatively, you could log into your Twitter account and go to the Notifications tab in the Settings menu. All there is to do here is uncheck the last option for the digest and save.

How to Kill Twitter's New "Weekly Digest" Email

Too easy.

How do you feel about the new Twitter summaries? Like them or hate them? Share your feelings in the comments!

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Yeah, I totally unsubscribed as soon as I got it. Even if you are a hardcore Twitter user (which I'm not), you're already checking Twitter regularly, so those stories would be on your radar anyway.

We're definitely on the same page here. Unsubscribed immediately!

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