How To: Facebook Pulls Switcheroo on Your Email Address to—Here's How to Fix It

Facebook Pulls Switcheroo on Your Email Address to—Here's How to Fix It

First off, Facebook rolled out email addresses for everyone nearly two years ago, so that's nothing new. But what is new is that they've recently defaulted everybody's visible email address that's seen on their Facebook Timelines. So, if you had your Gmail address listed for all to see on your profile's "About" section, it's now been replaced to the default email address.

I myself had no email address listed on my profile (I like my privacy). Now I have my Facebook one there, inserted without my consent or knowledge, which is kind of upsetting, though definitely not surprising.

Don't like the sudden change? Don't worry—it's not permanent. You can change it back or hide it from your Timeline. It's super simple.

  1. Click on "About" under your profile image, then look for the "Contact Info" section. If you see your
  1. Click on "Edit".
  1. Click on the drop-down menu by the open circle of your Facebook email address to "hide" it.
  1. Then just click on the exed out circle by your other preferred email address and change it to "shown". That is, if you actually want any email address shown on your profile. I do not, so I'm leaving it hidden.
  1. Click "Save" at the bottom. If you don't do this, it won't stick.

And that's it. It's nothing big, but definitely worth fixing if you do not like using Facebook as your preferred email. Really... who does?

Main image by gawker

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Facebook "email" isn't even real email anyway. All messages just go to your "Message Inbox".

Exactly. So why would anybody want to use it like a real email?

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