Misfit Shine: The Quarter-Sized Fitness Tracker That Doesn't Need to Be Charged

If you're like me, you are a non-stop, sweating, never-give-up workout fiend.

Okay, not really, but like a significant amount of people, I would love to live a healthier lifestyle. The Misfit Shine makes fitness a lot easier.

The Misfit Shine can be attached any way you feel comfortable, with a wristband or a clip to be attached to your pocket.

The device is tracked with its companion "Shine" app, and can track your fitness, sleep schedule, and even keep your goals in mind. It works off Bluetooth and will set you back $100. You can also go the Amazon route to save a couple bucks.

The device does not need to be charged (it uses a basic replaceable watch battery) and comes in an array of colors. It seems like a fitness tracker that is fool-proof and forget-proof, along with being sleek and stylish.

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