Forget Amazon & the Military, These Drones Are for Your Home

Parrot, a company that specializes in personal drones, has recently come out with new products that'll make those '90s robots look as dated as lava lamps and tie-dye.

Seen here is the Mini Drone Jumping Sumo, a flightless drone that will set you back $159. But that is a small price to pay for 80 cm (height) of jumping fun.

Seen here are other MiniDrones sold by Parrot, such as the BeBop Drone and the MiniDrone Rolling Spider.

These MiniDrones seem like tons of fun, and in an age of $800 smartphones, are relatively affordable as well. Strap a Go Pro on them for some incredible shots, or light up the face of an eight year old this holiday season. Who am I kidding...I want one of these so bad, I might buy one as a self-gift.

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